Presentation Is Key

As we launch forward into our academic careers we learn the importance of presentation. We spend countless hours exercising our aesthetic and conceptual problem solving skills, so it’s only fair to present our final pieces in a professional and visually appealing manner. While on the web I came across a service provided from the site The site is dedicated to online publishing and is completely free.

Issuu displays your work as an actual publication with high quality images and pages that readers can flip through. Issuu also has the option to take your publication and post it to your facebook, blog or personal site.

Having an account with Issuu gives you the ability to peruse though a vast selection of publications, and is a great source to gain inspiration on different layout designs. The site also gives you a personal document archive which organizes all publications you follow or create. The upload process is easy and navigation throughout the site is very user friendly.


MReyes said...

wow very nice that it really good to know! I love the aesthetics of the site. Reminds me of Mac interfacing. Thanx for the cool info

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