An Opportunity for All

Show your best creative work and a possible way to pay off those student loans!
AIGA and I.D magazine have student design competitions going on right now.

I.D, the International Design Magazine is hosting the 2010 Annual design review.
$10,000 Cash prize!

Deadline is December1st, 2009 so get started at for more info.
categories for the I.D annual design review are:
consumer products

student work

AIGA BlueRidge presents the Fourth Annual Flux Student Design Competition. Eligible work designed by undergraduate and graduate students between August 2008–October 2009. Freelance, Pro Bono and internship work completed by students is also eligible. Submitted work will be selected by a panel of accomplished designers. The selected entries will be displayed in Frederick, MD.

Entry Deadline: Friday, September 25, 2009, 12:00am EST

Reception: Saturday, October 24, 2009

For more information go to

Good luck to all!

Ad + bookmark = success!

I found this Terminix advertisement and thought it was a really creative way to market Terminix. Here, they associated their ad as a bookmark.


Advertising Agency: Publicis, Dallas, USA
Creative Directors: Pete Voehringer, Steve Grimes
Art Director: Dustin Taylor
Copywriter: Andrew Beckman
Photographer: Scott Harben
Executive Creative Director: Shon Rathbone
GCD: Julial Melle

What is Phoenix Design?

What is Phoenix Design?

As students at the Art Institute, we often don't think of this. Some want to leave the city after graduation, and others want to stay. But while we're here, we really should be focusing on what this beautiful 5th largest U.S. metropolis has to offer. As a fresh designer, what does Phoenix have to offer? What is Phoenix Design? Phoenix isn't just pretty palm trees, cacti and sunshine (although that's a big plus for the city). Below is Mark Dudlik, who is helping lead the way with Phoenix Design Week this October. He has instructions on how to help contribute.

What is Phoenix Design? on

Log on to and post a 12 second video response and tag it "phxdw". In October, there will be a collection of all these videos at the Phoenix Design Week Festival. I've already posted mine! It's time to post yours!

What is Phoenix Design? on

Nerd Alert! Snow Leopard

Hello my fellow Dealyer’s , you friend Spencer here with another installment of “Nerd Alert!”. I hope everyone’s summer is going along smooth; here in Phoenix it is hot, hot, hot! I am excited to cool off this fall with Apples latest operating system “Snow Leopard” it was announce this past June at their World Wide Developers Conference. Snow Leopard is going to be one amazing operating system further dwarfing Microsoft’s endeavors. Let’s take a look into this new development:


Apple states it as “Refined from installation to shutdown”. Their main focus is the refining of already awesome apps and inner workings in the current OS. Striving to make everything run lots faster! Starting with running through every application in 64-bit which means they will be able to take full advantage of all the memory in your Mac, which makes running applications faster.


Open CL in Snow Leopard is a technology that makes it possible for developers to tap the vast computing power currently in the graphics processor and use it for any application. In the case for us designers this is going to make the programs we use even more spectacular to use!

The AirPort item in the menu bar now includes signal strength for all available wireless networks, so you can see which access point has the best signal before selecting it. All-new thesaurus, Snow Leopard includes the Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus second edition. The Finder will have more and better Spotlight search intelligence more reliable disk eject. Removable sidebar headers, if you remove the items under the Devices, Places, or Search For header in the sidebar, the header will disappear, too. To add it back, simply drag an item into the sidebar.

QuickTime X

Also Apple has pulled out QuickTime X a brand-new version of QuickTime Player, the standalone application used by millions to watch QuickTime-based video. Using the power of the Core Animation technology in Mac OS X, QuickTime Player offers a clean, uncluttered interface with controls that fade out when they’re not needed. And large thumbnail images make navigating chaptered movies simpler than before. With a single click, QuickTime Player can now capture audio or video using the built-in camera and microphone in your Mac. You can easily trim media to the perfect length, then send it to iTunes for syncing to an iPhone, iPod, and Apple TV. You can also use QuickTime Player to publish your media to MobileMe or YouTube — without worrying about codec formats or resolutions.

I know some of this info has gone over some heads, but in plain English this is going to be a very useful and extraordinary OS! Coming September 2009 with every new Mac. Upgrade from Mac OS X Leopard for just $29. For that cheap it is definitely a buy!

Snow Leopard Up-to-Date. New Mac buyers, find out how to get Snow Leopard

Picture Perfect

As some of you may know, we no longer have Corbis as a stockphoto option. Tears, I know. They even go so far as to issue this statement:

"We're sorry, the Corbis Education program is no longer available.If you are interested in other ways to find affordable imagery for student projects, please be aware that Corbis now has a wide selection of more affordable imagery as low as $15. To find it, go to advanced search on our web site and search within our super value range. You may also want to visit Veer - a Corbis brand - and sign-up for the Veer student program which provides students with a 50% discount on many of its premium collections. Veer also has a wide selection of value imagery from $1 to $20 through its Veer Marketplace offering."

For most of the graphic designers at Ai, teachers have been weaning the students off of this process anyway. But being an Advertising student myself, I was left some what jilted without any knowledge of alternatives.

So the official word: Use "Creative Commons" such as flickr and sites of that nature and to simply cite who took the photo. Sounds easy enough. This will add variety to your work and also help you merge into how things are really done in the actual world.

Also if you would like further options visit Mr. Kings website: look under free image links.

It might take some more doing, but fret not. There is hope here is an example of how to cite an image provided by yahoo sponsored omg!:

right under Ms. Barton is a simple citation that prevents damages from incurring. For full page pics, gutters and margins also serve as a nice area for such a task. Open any magazine and have a look for yourself. You have options now, use them.

Season for Slumming

My dear Dealiers

As the Art Institute has taken its summer break, so has the Dealy News. We like to make relaxation a holistic process, thus we have been on hiatus. Now that we have started back, so will our news casts. Now that we have at our disposal all of the necessary equipment to edit the Portfolio Review footage, we will be posting them along with the collateral collected during the actual event. So, PREPARE!!! We are back!

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