Marketing Mix

The music industry has to combat so many problems as the internet and file sharing have depleted sales. With iTunes and Rhapsody, they are trying to make music purchasing more convenient. Recently there has been a reemergence of an old marketing tactic that has the potential to bring the music industry back to its glory.

When hip-hop was relatively new (in the 80's), the mixtape was the best way to get one's music to the masses. Being that these cannot be sold due to sampling, the artists have complete creative freedom. A mixtape is an opportunity to showcase overall skills and give the people a chance to get to know them.

The new age of mixtapes have upwards to 20 to 30 songs on them. It used to be that only the subterranean music culture became aware of people like these. Kid Cudi is perhaps the shining example of popular one can become with the spread of this free medium. He has been producing videos, giving free concerts, and really putting himself out there all on a free mixtape. The public at large loves being able to take in an artist with "free samples". Now that they have been able to see what the artists have to offer, they will buy their actual CD when produced.

Hip-hop is taking an old marketing tactic and bringing it back. I wasn't aware the extent how popular this was becoming until I saw music videos for songs featured on J. Period's mixtape, as well as Drake's "Best I Ever Had" popularity on the radio and his album hasn't even come out yet. The mixtape is taking word of mouth to a new level. If you have interest in music marketing, check out these artist as they lead by example.

Still Curious?

Are you still wondering what Phoenix Design Week is? Still have questions about when and where it's going to be? Want to know who's going to be there? Want to know...well, anything about PHXDW!?! Then I highly suggest you attend the "Introduction to Phoenix Design Week" at Terralever in Tempe on Tuesday, August 25th (that's tomorrow for those reading this fresh) at 6 o'clock PM.

"Phoenix Design Week exists for print, web, motion, and interactive designers as well as those with an inherent appreciation for design. This incredible event is made possible with the support and expertise of AIGA Arizona, many local design agencies, and a large pool of volunteers."

"Phoenix Design Week is a celebration of the vibrant Phoenix design community. The week consists of exhibits, a film festival and a multi-track conference that will bring together the cities' brightest talents to reflect on the past, discuss the present and develop the future." -Phoenix Design Week Facebook Page

Visit the Facebook Page for more info if you'd like.

425 S. Mill Ave. Suite 201 Tempe, AZ

August 25, 2009 at 6pm

Environmentally Responsible Calls

Here's something that most people don't think of: "How green is my cell phone?" Carbon footprints can be left even by your text happy fingers and marathon running mouths. Yes, you can recycle your phone by donating it after you upgrade, but Motorola has started a new trend.

Earlier this year, the Motorola Renew hit the T-Mobile stores and the first ever environmentally responsible phone hit the market. It's the first ever "Carbon Free" phone, meaning that the process used to make it, the casing and the afterlife of the phone is totally green. Here's why:

-The casing of the Renew is made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles.

-The phone is the first ever Carbon Neutral cell with green transportation, packaging and production.

-The packaging is 100% recyclable and made from 100% post-consumer materials and earth friendly ink.

Though the phone is fairly basic, it does feature Mobile Web, the longest talk time in it's class, games, hi-fi ringtones and an MP3 player. Sorry, no camera on this...yet. However, the full price of this bar phone is a grand $60. That's right, $60, or free if you sign up on a new plan. I'm sure that this eco-friendly phone trend is something that will catch on quite fast with our growing environmentally conscious society.

As a designer, I got especially excited about this phone when I saw the packaging. 100% post-consumer paper, vegetable ink, and the only plastic was a pre-paid envelope to mail your old phone, or this one when the time is up for a new upgrade. The paper is the typical fiber recycled texture you would see in a 100% recycled box, and the ink isn't raised or varnished (that wouldn't be eco-friendly). It's very exciting to see large companies making phones like this and ever since I purchased this little green bar, I noticed a lot of packaging out there is environmentally responsible. Most packaging is created from 30% post-consumer material and soy ink. Keep your eye out for this! I'm curious to see what the future of technology and packaging hold!

Screen Printing!

Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. The attached stencil forms open areas of mesh that transfer ink as a sharp-edged image onto a substrate. A roller or squeegee is moved across the screen stencil, forcing or pumping ink past the threads of the woven mesh in the open areas. Here's a video that I like that shows a real simple and fast way to screen print with some extra stuff on the side.

For all you all you AiPx people out there the Rad Club is having a

Screen Printing Tour + Print Workshop at AZ Hot Tees Aug 24th if anyone wants to attend this event they can email Aymie Spitzer: or Chris Meisner:

Hope to see you all there

Two of a Kind

Meet Nick & Sally

They are Academic Advisers

While a seemingly small private institution, there is so much that goes on at the Art Institute of Phoenix one can hardly keep track. The best part about these various activities is the attention to detail and the management that's behind the scenes.

"One of the best things students can do for themselves are know their resources" - Nick Ames

"It's also really important to get involved. The students that spend more of their time here, are the ones that get the most out of their experience at Ai" - Sally Underwood.

While these two wise people lend very valuable advise, who are they?
Let me give you an idea ~

Q: What are their backgrounds?
A: Sally: Graduated from NAU with a degree in Psychology and Speaking. Worked at Devry for 25 years and retired as Dean of Student and Career Services in 1998. she also teaches public speaking there today. Worked in the library in admissions and SFS/Career Services as well as student services. She also has two kids, one in college, one in high school. Sally has been happily married to a Devry graduate since 1986.

Nick: Graduated from ASU with a Business degree and Mass Communications. He has worked in Admissions for 5 1/2 years as a coordinator for SFS here at AiPX. He was there until last july. Nick is currently getting duel Masters in Sports Psychology and Counseling from Argosy.

Q:One might ask, what exactly do they do?
A: "We know and do a little bit about everything. Pretty much anything the Academic Directors do as well as tutoring, SFS issues, personal issues, counseling issues, references to other faculty and information, support for Student Affairs functions registrations for new and continuing students, online registering, curriculum committee advisory, admissions, new student meetings (prematriculation meeting), liaison for instructors, attendance, orientation, and we often alternate helping with open house. We're pretty much a one stop shop."

Q: While they tag team in all of these areas, do they have their specialties?
A: Nick: Tutoring and various SFS issues
Sally: Study Abroad, Alpha Beta Kappa, back up for accuplacer testing, club advising

Q: So how do they work with our Academic Directors?
A: "We are really more for the first year experience which leaves the Academic Directors open for more complex issues like portfolio prep or really heavy scheduling conflicts," says Sally "But we really work hand and hand with them. We are in constant contact with each other." - If you need to talk you can see your AD or Sally & Nick.

Q: Which majors do each of you oversee?
A: Nick: GAD, VGP, Photo, DVMP, VMG, MAA, CUL, WEB ("boy majors")

Sally: FM, ID, AD, GD (both) - "girl majors"

Q: What were your reasons for taking this job?
A: "I wanted to find a place where I could help students more as well as continue my education at the same time," -Nick

Sally says, " I eventually had to go back to work because my son was starting college. Also because my entire career was working with grads. This was my first opportunity to work with the students 'in the trenches' and getting to see the beginning and how they make the transition into a brighter future."

Perhaps my favorite part about these two people is their level of dedication to the students. I often spend my time in their office as they listen to me vent about morning classes. It wasn't until I did this interview that I truly realized how much they do and how passionate they are about helping us. I asked Sally was there anything she didn't like about her job and she responded, "Having to go home at the end of the day. I wish i could solve every problem. Sometimes I have to give it to other people and I'm not happy with that. I like to see things through". That kind of care really helps me know what kind of school I am attending.

So, if you need anything, you now know where to go.

Mad About You

For those of you who are ADdicted like the rest of us, the show "Mad Men" is right up your alley. From the prospective of the ad world in the 1960's, with style and class they really show how it was to be in the business. From lessons in account managing to the ends and outs of being a creative director you get to see Sterling Cooper really run. I know most people in the industry can nod their heads in agreement with the trials and tribulations this firm constantly faces. Due to the fact that I'm an Ad student, I love to watch this show and gain some insight.

The reason we make mention of the show is, as of recently, the show's website has added a new application "ManMen Yourself". It's all the range of Facebook as of late due to the fact that all of us who watch the show love idea of living in an era where cocktails in the office occur as often email does now. I recommend the show, and have some ad related fun with the app, I know I did.

On a design related note, Mad Men spares no expenses when it comes to visual nostalgia. The opening sequence is an AfterEffects dream. It's modern, abstract, iconic, and simply Americana. They continue with the aesthetic overload with their DVD covers. Never for a second do they reliquish any style points with their merchandising. If and when you watch the show, you'll understand the significance of the lighters. Let's just say it's a miracle the whole cast doesn't have cancer right now. Expect nothing less from the show that puts our industry on the map.

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