Internalize This!

One of our Art Institute alumni, Tim Brennan, has an opportunity to pose to all interested parties. The following information is in regards to a fun, new intern opportunity. Here's what you need to know:

Blind Society is the world’s first Consumer Connections company. We specialize in creating alternative high-impact marketing campaigns that reach the elusive 18-35 prosumer.

Consumer Connections are an evolved form of marketing that use alternative media tactics to start conversations and relationships with targeted and influential consumers.

We believe that interns help make Blind Society great. They provide energy, enthusiasm, and talent, three things that fuel the agency.

We are currently looking for an intern who can share our vision and if possible add to it. There are two internship opportunities available in our Scottsdale headquarters in both Account Services and Creative Departments. As an Intern at Blind Society you will be asked to work directly with our Production and Creative teams to assist with client focused as well as internal projects. We are seeking out the best rising talent – so if you think you have what it takes, be sure to get a hold of us.

Our schedule is flexible and will require no less the 20+ hours a week. This internship is unpaid, but offers a great chance to build your portfolio, gain industry experience, and work with high caliber clients all while having a fun along the way.

The ideal person to join our society:
- Thinkers and doers who love the ideation process.
- Someone who does not settle for the first idea.
- Continuously evolving and constantly improving.
- Positive+
- Proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite 3.
- Is ready to amaze and to be amazed.
- Enthusiastic, diligent, and determined.

TO APPLY: Please use ‘Internship Opportunity’ as the subject line. Submit a cover letter that lists; the department you are interested in, the reasons why you will make a true impact to our team, and a resume to by the deadlines provided below. If you are applying to the Creative Department, please also include a portfolio or work samples. PDFs and links are preferred (please keep them under 4mb).

FALL 2009
October 15 – December 15

Address materials to:
Tim Brennan
Blind Society
4021 N. 75th Street #201
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Positivity, Creativity, Humility,

Check out the latest project from Blind Society

So there you have it Dealiers. If you are interested in interning with Blind Society contact Tim.

Snail mail and Paper trails - Go Digital!

One of my favorite things to shop for is random junk with a snarky edge to it. Fred & Friends Worldwide is a company that creates extremely unique and clever products. The copy alone involved with these products is enough to make you want to spend.

The copy shows the cheekiness of the product selection and opens up a new field that copywriters are finding themselves getting into. Web-copy is a whole new animal. Being that Fred and Friends is a retailer, their writers get a chance to do something old in a new way. Their catalogs are digital and digital only.

(a link to the actual catalog)

Check out the new way to do things. The catalog is over sixty some odd pages, but it doesn't skip on design, layout, or copy. Digital isn't killing the business it's just changing the game. Even their new products can share in the optical
splendor with their new digital product brochures.

(a link to the actual brochure)

Let Fred challenge you to step your game up Ad and Graphic kids. Adapt to the 21st century.

Everything is Design

World renown graphic designer Paul Rand once said, "Everything is design. Everything!"

This is so true for the eyes of a graphic designer. Everywhere we go, we are always scoping out good and bad design. Whether we critique it to ourselves or with some design buddies we might have with us. Packaging, signage and publications are being ripped apart or appreciated every second.

If you end up at a retail store with me...or in my car, your bound to see a few pictures snapped with my phone of packaging or signage. I admit...many accidents have almost happened on the road because I was snapping a picture of a billboard or car wrap. Recently, I uploaded all these pictures, and 55 images later, I noticed that in the past month I've had quite the addiction. Above are 9 of the 55 pictures, all taken at places like Wal-Mart, Frys and Cost Plus.

Don't be ashamed, we're designers. If you have a cool photo of packaging or whatever, post it on your facebook (or myspace if your still in 2007). Share it with everyone! You'd be surprised how many comments you'll get. This also helps you keep up with current trends and expands your creativity, almost as an alternative to Barnes & Noble design books or the latest CA.

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