Furniture Typeface

At a Houston based home furnishings store, for High Fashion Home, a furniture typeface was created using pieces from High Fashion Home, used to illustrate the possibilities at High Fashion Home.

"The instore and direct mail pieces use a die cut of a sofa silhouette to reference the possibility created by 15,000 available upholstery fabrics."

What do YOU think of the typeface and the general idea?

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I'd like to thank the acADemy

As advertisers we love to see awesome campaigns. One of my favorite methods is through print. Here are some really creative ads from last year as well as this years winners from the 2009 Clios 

Now for those of you who don't know what the Clio's are, the Clio Awards are like Oscars for creative brilliance in advertising and design. The only difference being they do things Olymic style with the different colors. 

The categories for said awards are TV, Print, Outdoor, Radio, Integrated Campaign, Innovative Media, Design, Internet (or what they deem interactive), Content & Contact, and Student work.

I hope that last part caught your eye. YES student work. I don't know about you, but the idea of winning a Clio before you graduate is amazing. I was taking a look at most of the entries an almost off of them came of Miami Ad School and School for Visual Arts both of which Caylee mentioned a couple weeks ago. I ordered their course catalogs and even in their advertising to entry students mention the possibility that they can win a Clio, a D&AD Pencil, a Cannes Lion, a Golden Pencil from the One Show, not to mention a bunch of others. As an Ad student, I didn't even know there were that many awards for us to win. 

Here is an example of an awesome poster someone at SVA NY made check it: 

This, in case you weren't scared before, is our competition people! All I have to say is WOW. acADemia can only take you so far, the rest is up to you.

ASU Graphic Design Student - Nathan Finden

What inspired you to pursue an education in Graphic Design?
I discovered, while pursuing my master’s degree, that I had a passion for graphic design. I was working on small design projects at my current job and also taking art classes at MCC for fun. Once I discovered my passion the decision to change paths was pretty simple.

How long have you been a student at ASU? How is the graphic design program at ASU? Why did you choose to go to ASU instead of a design school like the Art Institute of Phoenix?
I’ve been at ASU for two years. The design program is very competitive to earn a spot in the upper division. The program as a whole is routinely placed in the top graphic design programs in the country and I believe this to be true based on the level of expectations. I chose initially to go to ASU because of my employer’s tuition reimbursement program and I’ve been very happy with my decision.

When do you graduate? What do you plan to do when you graduate?
I plan on graduating in 2011 and hopefully will move overseas. I would like to work as an in-house designer for an environmentally based organization or a museum.

Tell me about working for the City of Phoenix, how long have you been working there? What exactly do you do? What advice, inside tips or rules of thumb would you give to a design student wanting to work for the City?
I’ve worked for the City of Phoenix for four years. I started out in the field as a park ranger and transitioned in to more office duties. I gradually moved towards creating more and more design work, and this is primarily what I do now. Designing for the City is almost always a design-by-committee situation. At the same time, there is also great creative freedom, as long as it’s conservative.

Is there any particular artist or designer that you are really inspires you or that you take interest in, right now?
I’ve always been inspired by Milton Glaser, but recently I’ve been going over Ray Gun’s work.

What is the most challenging job, client, or anything design related you have endured or overcome?
Early on I took on the job of designing our program guide. It was personally challenging because it was my first major publication and it was the first time I was working with a large printing company.

If you could be apart of a campaign that would change the world….what would it be?
Ensuring human rights for everyone, especially those living in developing countries.

Any upcoming events or workshops other designers should be aware of?
The local chapter of AIGA is really good about putting on events, and there’s even a student discount.

Illustrator: More than Just a Program

I have noticed amongst various designers that a few are extremely exceptional. With any discipline, to be truly extraordinary means to be multi-talented. Some of our graphic designers are amazing illustrators and some of our animation students are really good graphic designers. I think that it has a lot to do with character design and a certain creativity that goes with it that allows for this kind of affluence. 

I first noticed this with my own older brother Joseph Reyes, who has his BA in Graphic Design. He has been drawing since he could hold a pencil and originally wanted to be an animation student. Once he transferred his work from paper to the computer canvas he realized that he was better suited for design. Here is some of his work: 

His urban style of drawing translated well into the direction that most design is going in today

Conceptual character design really comes in handy with creating unique logos. 

My brother isn't the only one what so ever. When it comes to the Art Institute there are two people in particular that come to mind in the transference from animation to design. 

She actually has her Associates degree in Animation. She is very skilled in fine arts and is getting her BA in Graphic Design at Ai. Her sketches and comps are far better than what some can do on the computer. When it comes to concepts her skills come in great use. For Branding we were told to create a fictitious airline. Tracy was able to draw the insides of the plane, the uniforms and a formal floor plan, something the other teams could not produce. She has also incorporated it in her magazine layouts, package design, and web. I will let her work speak for itself: 

Timothy Thomas

Tim is another amazing animator and a member of Command P as well as SIGGRAPH. This name should sound familiar to those of you who followed our Game Jam report. As an Animation student Tim has become an asset to those of us who cannot draw. Much of his work adorns the walls of Ai. I took notice of his talents when I saw the SIGGRAPH poster hanging on the club wall. His ability to come up with a vast number of characters in so many different styles increases his worth as a designer. Moving into VisFX he will be able to truly take advantage of all of his skills. Here is some of the work he has done for Studio 303 (another organization at school) mixed with my design and ad concepts. 

(colored by fellow animation student Marithis Davis)

(bookmarks as leave-behinds for the club)

So food for thought: Bone up on your drawing or befriend someone who can because with design becoming more and more edgy you will need to be extra sharp. 

Logo Lookout!

So as a Designer I most often catch myself scanning the shelves at my neighborhood store. This time it was at Target they always have cool stuff there and when I go to check out, low and behold, one of my favorite cookie Oreo's got a face lift or did they I checked the Nabisco website and nothing there was changed. The packaging is very clean and definitely not as busy as the old one (down below). They got Ritz too! I don't know about you but I like the new look very clean and sexy! I hope they keep it this way.

Design Ideas

Here are a few suggested books that can help your creative mind explore ideas!
You can find all these books and more at the official Barnes and Noble website at

The logo bible, this book provides graphic designers with an indispensable reference source for contemporary logo design. Written by Michael Evamy.

The fourth volume in the best-selling LogoLounge series provides 2,000 totally new logos from designers worldwide. This book, like the previous titles in the series, is compiled in association with, a website that was launched by Bill Gardner in 2002. The site is dedicated to logos. Written by Catharine Fishel and Bill Gardner.

Type Idea Index might appear to be a fat little vinyl-bound book, but really, it's a fat little vinyl-bound tool-an idea-generating, horizon-expanding, knowledge-broadening power tool that can be used to boost the creative output of designers, illustrators and anyone else who uses type. Type Idea Index will expand your knowledge of type and help you brainstorm new ideas every time you design with letters and words. The basic principle behind Type Idea Index is simple: ideas breed ideas. Written by Jim Krause.

Wear's your design?

So i got a strategic link on Facebook seeing as how the cookies they "plant" have everything to do with what's in your profile. 

This one had to do with a T-shirt design company that lets you submit your own designs and they print and sell them for you. Some of the designs are really sick. This magic place is called Threadless - It's pretty much a designers playground with all kinds of merch options. From wall graphics to tees you can do whatever you want. They have their own blog and they are on twitter. Check out their stuff:

They range from graphic tees 

this one done by Draco (who's an amazing artist all his own)

They also carry clever text tees

I don't know about you guys, but I love stuff like this and the opportunity to be part of the threadless community is pretty sweet. 

Quick/Amazing Link

100 CS4 tips

Letterpress me.

I have been going crazy the last few weeks trying to figure out what to do for my personal business cards. I have to say that Beast Pieces (the letterpress blog for Studio on Fire) is so not helping.

Check out this amazing project. The neon ink is so great.

The other day I also fell in love with this project, where they experimented with flooding ink. Some may prefer a uniform fill, but I think the unique quality of each card is awesome.

There is also a blog called FPO, which is cool because it shows the production costs of all the projects. I'm liking the idea below, which is created with a single color screen print, yet made more interesting with the use of spray paint and nice stock.

It's a challenge to design something special and memorable around a student budget, but quite an accomplishment when achieved.

Challenge yourself!

For the past couple weeks I have slowly been learning the wonderful program called illustrator. I have been using online tutorials along with help from a couple friends *cough* Josh... Michelle *cough* to better myself and my understanding of the program itself. After doing a few vectors I decided to look for "motivation". I came across a website dedicated to Graphic Design contests.

They have only had 4 contests that are open for anyone to do so far which leads me to believe that this is a fairly new website. I would look around more for a launch date but it's 6:30 a.m. and pancakes await!

If you want to get paid for you designs, you can apply to be on "the team". This allows you to participate in the professional contests, and winning those get you cash in the pocket.

In order to be a team member, you must...
  1. Be at least 18 years old at the time of application
  2. Have an online design portfolio for us to review
  3. Be a registered forum user for at least 7 days
  4. Have a minimum of 10 recent forum posts
  5. Be able to receive PayPal payments

I hope that everyone gets involved in this. I think it will help better you in your field regardless of how good you think you already are. And if you think that nobody is better than you, prove it :)

Nerd Alert: Catalogues

love catalogues. Veer, Whole Foods, ASU, architecture companies, Emigre, paper companies, cars, condos, Nordstrom, stock photo, green expo catalogues, faucets (ha, hey, Kohler makes some nice catalogues) - among my collection. As we transition into a fully digital lifestyle, the delight of holding a well-designed and sturdily built catalogue or magazine will never be replaced. My newest discovery: art school catalogues.

What better a way to learn about a school than through receiving a 627 page free catalogue just for showing interest? I recently received my copy of SVA's excessively informative (and beautiful) school catalogue. The time spent creating this - not to mention the cost of printing, binding and mailing the beast to anyone who asks for it - is incredible. The book is wrapped in a poster, approximately 2x3 feet in size, with panoramic photographs of the school scattered over it. When held up to a light or posted on a window, the backside of the poster (which matches up flawlessly) shows through, creating a sort of map where the captions for the pictures become illuminated.

Underneath, the inside cover reads: "Assignment #1: Design your own cover. (you may utilize the stickers provided within if you like)" Throughout the book there are pages upon pages of rad stickers.

The next seemingly expensive production cost that I notice is a cloth tag coming out of the binding with SVA printed on it.

Besides the fact that they use great info graphics and statistics and have awesome imagery, they showcase really great student work as well. The rest is really worth discovering on your own. This book will never go in the trash.


It all comes in an oversized pink ziplock, with school mascot Smudge's sticker on the front. MAS, too, utilizes stickers, with a book dedicated to them. The sticker book's cover folds out into a spread designed for you to chart your trip while attending MAS. Your first year is spent at a base school (San Francisco, Miami, Minneapolis, Hamburg, Madrid, or Sao Paulo) and your second year can be spent in a different city each quarter at an internship, another base school, or a "greenhouse," which means you spend every school day inside of an agency with creative directors and the like as your instructor. Options for your second year cities include: Amsterdam, Beijing, Berlin, Boulder, Brussels, Budapest, Chicago, Dallas, Dubai, Hamburg, London, Miami, Minneapolis, Moscow, Paris, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Stockholm, and Sydney. Great stuff.

Although the majority of the paperwork in the packet are laser copies, I am digging this pink and grey stationery - with "The School of Pop Culture Engineering" crest on the back. And the temporary tattoos! Get yours here.

Needless to say, I'm considering portfolio school. Anyone else?

Ignite Phoenix 4
During my most recent of many surfs of the internet, I have stumbled upon Ignite Phoenix it is an

information exchange aimed at fostering and inspiring Phoenix’s creative community. Presenters get 5 minutes and 20 slides to talk about anything they are passionate about. You can submit a presentation or just show up and have a fun time."

This looks like it would be a fun activity for us students to get out there and mingle and network with a lot of creative minds out there. Plus we can see the ideas of so far 18 people. The venue is Tuesday, June 16, 2009 from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
@ Tempe Center for the Arts 700 W. Rio Salado Parkway Tempe, 85281 Although reserve tickets are sold out, there will still be 100 walk-in tickets available the day of the event. Anyone wanting a walk-in ticket can sign in at the registration table starting at 5pm. Walk-in tickets will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis until all theater seats are filled. Ignite Phoenix looks like a fun idea and could be encompassed with the Phoenix Design Week. I'm definitly going to be checking out both.

Presentation Is Key

As we launch forward into our academic careers we learn the importance of presentation. We spend countless hours exercising our aesthetic and conceptual problem solving skills, so it’s only fair to present our final pieces in a professional and visually appealing manner. While on the web I came across a service provided from the site The site is dedicated to online publishing and is completely free.

Issuu displays your work as an actual publication with high quality images and pages that readers can flip through. Issuu also has the option to take your publication and post it to your facebook, blog or personal site.

Having an account with Issuu gives you the ability to peruse though a vast selection of publications, and is a great source to gain inspiration on different layout designs. The site also gives you a personal document archive which organizes all publications you follow or create. The upload process is easy and navigation throughout the site is very user friendly.

Comman P'in Up Facebook

You know you're officially cool when you're on one of the most awesome social networking sites out there. The Dealy (known as Dealy Knews on this site only) has its own Facebook. From there we have made many important friends and have spread our message all over the blogosphere.

So naturally all the cool kids have to get with the program. Command P is no different. Command P is now a group on Facebook. If you have a profile, JOIN. The club rules as so does the group. Get involved!

Coming soon to a Twitter near you

Stephen Pender - Ai Instructor

What do you teach at Ai? How long have you been teaching?

I’ve been at AI for almost two years, mostly teaching Global Business courses. I’ve been a professor in Higher Education for 11 years, teaching myriad business courses at the undergraduate and graduate level.

What do you think about Ai so far? What do think about the programs offered?

AI is different from most other colleges, in both the programs offered and the student body. What I found interesting about AI is that they address students’ needs and develop programs for them the same as any other school. In other words, higher education has done a good job of adapting, and AI is one of those schools.

What is your background? What companies or industries did you work for?

I was a radio announcer, a recording engineer, a call center manager, co-owner of a GIS consulting business, a marketing consultant, and owner of a video production company. I managed to avoid the corporate jungle.

Other than teaching, do you have another job or freelance that you do? If so, what?

I’ve been doing video production, web design, and strategic planning for the last few years, as well as some educational consulting in curriculum design.

Tell me about your past experiences in your field. Funny stories or challenges that you’ve overcome?

I once had to bribe a Ghanaian immigration official $150 to allow me to enter the country. In another country I won’t mention, I was detained for suspicion of espionage for 12 hours because I was taking scenic pictures in the wrong place. I’ve eaten worms, rats, and insects in various countries where I was conducting business - they were local delicacies. Global business is never boring.

What inspires you to do what you do?

I like teaching because every once in a while you’ll run into an old student who mentions something you said or did as a teacher that made a difference. Being a catalyst for positive change in someone’s life is powerfully gratifying.

How do you balance family life and your career?

You don’t. The question should be: “What have you sacrificed in order to have a family and a career?” I passed on opportunities so my wife could accept some, and so I could have more time with our kids.

What advice or rule of thumb that you think every student coming up in the ad & graphic design field should know?

Take chances while you’re young, because in 20 years you’ll be the old person in the room who is past their time and only plays it safe. Or, just use Helvetica and sexual innuendo a lot, and you’ll probably get hired by a big agency.

Is there any upcoming events, workshops or anything students should know about and attend?

Yes, it’s called “What is my f___ing plan?” It is an introspective solo seminar all students need to attend. You can attend the seminar any time you can close the door and look in the mirror. Look, its like this: anyone who is in a position to make a difference in your career has something sitting on their desk that they can’t get to. If you know what you want to do, then find the people who are doing it. Figure out what is on their desk and offer to do it for them for free. Within three months they will offer you a job. I’ve done this more times than I can count. No, I am not talking about getting them a coffee refill. I’m talking about the 50 year-old executive who wants to figure out this “viral marketing thing”, or the company that has seriously lost touch with their youth market, or the company that hasn’t had an innovation in 12 years. You know your generation and market better than anyone, so figure out what you want to do with that knowledge and create a career plan. Make a list of the organizations that are doing what you want to do. Think up a pretext and get your message in front of the highest person you can at these organizations. One of them will have a conversation with you. Be insightful, inquisitive, and confident. Find out what has been sitting on their desk. I have literally asked: “Hey, do you have a pet project that has been kicking around I could work on? I’ve got 10 hours a week I could give you for the next three months to see if I could get it jumpstarted.” Regardless of what they say, say yes and you’re in. “We have a client who makes industrial toilet supplies, and they want to be on Facebook. What do you know about that?” Everything. I know everything. Let me come in to talk about it.

You are basically building your own internship, free of the waste of time that comes with most internships. It works, and after three months they’ll either find a job for you or you’ll get a valuable reference. But, you have to have a plan.

your appreciated,

U & I Belong Together

Know What:
There are so many options available for designers these days. We can foray into the world layouts, web design, television graphics, really the list is endless. With that said, no one ever includes video games on their graphic to-do lists. One of our most distinguished Game Art teachers, Thomas Di Cosola, started his career as a graphic designer. I know what most of you are thinking, "that's not my major!", but what I'm here to tell you is, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE IN GAD TO BE INVOLVED. 

There are little known things called User Interfaces or UI's for short. This is where graphic designers really get to shine. From creating life bars to gun selections, designers really get to show off their skills in a unique way. One of my favorite games of all time is "Little Big Planet" for the PS3. The whole game is based off of the idea creating your own world based off of your idea of design. The UI is completely user oriented (meaning you get to pick EVERYTHING) and absolutely beautiful. 

the little characters you get can range from picking what they look like to picking what the envirnments look like. My favorite part is what they call "stickers" you can stick them on anything even yourself. This reminds me of the urban street art trend of stickers over tagging. It's OBEY meets 3-D video games. 

We can also stick to our comfort zone with: cover-art and logos. Not only do I love the game "Resistance 2", but I love the design of the game logo and the cover art. The logo plays with type and ties the location of the game into its name: 

The cover art doesn't fall short of this display of design talent either. 

Game Jam:
Our very own Command P peeps got involved with Game Jam this quarter. For those of you who don't know what Game Jam is, the GAD students of SGDA get together every quarter for one weekend and spend all of their time creating their own games. This involves teams and stiff competition. At the end of the weekend, the entries are judged and the winners announced. 

This year the Kings, Erin Radler, Tim Thomas, and Donny Mitchell got involved and put their best design foot forward. Take a look at what they accomplished. 

Tim's Team (Sorry IDK why the colors inverted)

Senior Team:

SGDA welcomes any graphic designer who wants to get involved to participate next quarter. It may be a small world, but there are infinite possibilities in it. 

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