Life in Transit

Life in Transit - A Grassroots Verticalblu Production

In the modern filmmaking world, no longer are the huge production houses in Hollywood the center of attention. Now movies like Paranormal Activity, which was made for $11,000, are opening nation wide. With the emergence of what we in the viral age like to call "word of mouse", social networking has enabled people to get the word about about their small projects on a much larger scale.

Verticalblu is a local indie production company. Their last movie Convenience opened to a sold out house due to simply getting the word out through the three most important F's in small marketing (friends, family and Facebook). Started in 2006, Verticalblu has set out to make a name for themselves as independent filmmakers. With an inner circle consisting of five key players: Joy Daniel, Stronz Vanderploeg, Tiberius Catinas, Daniel Gourley and Cori Orlowski, they have completed two feature films. From the website design (done by Daniel Gourley), to the posters (done by Stronz Vanderploeg), they do almost everything in house. All of their profits are thrown into their next big idea. Their efforts and accomplishments are to be admired by any aspiring filmmaker.

Their latest venture, Life in Transit is now opening for viewing in three venues. Just like before they are hoping to set forth a viral campaign and get the word out. As an Ad based news blog we wanted to help in their cause. You can buy tickets online now. Showings are October 18th, October 25th and October 29th. Help support the local arts and the indie movie scene by seeing this film. We here at the Dealy News want to commend Verticalblu on their marketing efforts. We will be doing follow up with the crew to tell you how it went. If you cannot make it to the showing, you can aid them through donations for their next venture. Visit their site for more details


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