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For those of you who are ADdicted like the rest of us, the show "Mad Men" is right up your alley. From the prospective of the ad world in the 1960's, with style and class they really show how it was to be in the business. From lessons in account managing to the ends and outs of being a creative director you get to see Sterling Cooper really run. I know most people in the industry can nod their heads in agreement with the trials and tribulations this firm constantly faces. Due to the fact that I'm an Ad student, I love to watch this show and gain some insight.

The reason we make mention of the show is, as of recently, the show's website has added a new application "ManMen Yourself". It's all the range of Facebook as of late due to the fact that all of us who watch the show love idea of living in an era where cocktails in the office occur as often email does now. I recommend the show, and have some ad related fun with the app, I know I did.

On a design related note, Mad Men spares no expenses when it comes to visual nostalgia. The opening sequence is an AfterEffects dream. It's modern, abstract, iconic, and simply Americana. They continue with the aesthetic overload with their DVD covers. Never for a second do they reliquish any style points with their merchandising. If and when you watch the show, you'll understand the significance of the lighters. Let's just say it's a miracle the whole cast doesn't have cancer right now. Expect nothing less from the show that puts our industry on the map.


Anonymous said...

:[ Aw mine's taking forever to download !

Joshua said...

I did it, and also downloaded the first season on itunes. haha, I'm hooked!

MReyes said...

That show is super ADdictive. The opening had me hooked and then Peggie being a copywriter AWESOME!

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