Still Curious?

Are you still wondering what Phoenix Design Week is? Still have questions about when and where it's going to be? Want to know who's going to be there? Want to know...well, anything about PHXDW!?! Then I highly suggest you attend the "Introduction to Phoenix Design Week" at Terralever in Tempe on Tuesday, August 25th (that's tomorrow for those reading this fresh) at 6 o'clock PM.

"Phoenix Design Week exists for print, web, motion, and interactive designers as well as those with an inherent appreciation for design. This incredible event is made possible with the support and expertise of AIGA Arizona, many local design agencies, and a large pool of volunteers."

"Phoenix Design Week is a celebration of the vibrant Phoenix design community. The week consists of exhibits, a film festival and a multi-track conference that will bring together the cities' brightest talents to reflect on the past, discuss the present and develop the future." -Phoenix Design Week Facebook Page

Visit the Facebook Page for more info if you'd like.

425 S. Mill Ave. Suite 201 Tempe, AZ

August 25, 2009 at 6pm


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