Bree Frontczak - Graphic Design

Bree Frontczak

Major: Graphic Design

Graduation Date: This quarter!

What is it that you love about design?

What don't I love about design? haha! I guess the thing I love the most is the feeling I get from it. I feel good, I feel accomplished, I have fun, I love to create and to think and to put these ideas together and watch them come alive on paper and on a computer screen. I love making others happy and creating a piece that not only I am proud of, but that others can look at it and admire. Seeing others smile and enjoy my work is a great feeling and something that I love, and something that inspires me every day.

Who inspires you?

Which I guess leads me to my inspiration... A lot of things and people inspire me. It's hard to pinpoint just one thing in particular because there are so many things, and most of the time its when I'm not really looking or expecting to be inspired by something, it just happens. I feel that's what makes good design though. To be inspired by everything around you, by people, their ideas and thoughts, by a piece of fabric, a color, another piece of design, a quote, anything!

What are your plans after graduation?

My plans after graduation, I'm sure, are a lot like any others. To find a good paying job doing something I love to do. But it's also more than that. I want to find a design firm that I feel my design coincides with. A place where I feel I will fit in and my talents will truly blossom and continue to grow. I never want to stop learning, stop exploring possibilities, stop creating. I've always wanted to move to California, ever since I was young, so that's where I want to be. I have already started my job search even now as I am still in school, though graduation is right around the corner in June. I want to get a head start and really explore my options and find a place sooner rather than later.

Are there any projects that you are currently working on/just finished that you are exceptionaly proud of?

There are a few projects that I am particularly proud of: my annual report for Bloomers, which I created about half way through college and has been one of my strongest pieces throughout schooling and something I knew I wanted to include in my portfolio. My ad campaign for a jean company called Berkleys, which I loved for its simplicity but impact on words and movement and everyone who has seen it has absolutely loved. And finally, a few pieces from my senior project, Equipt For The Arts Foundation, including my direct mail piece and credit card idea. The two pieces I feel are very strong and unique to my company. They were fun to make, and I think what I really like about them is that my idea and inspiration for them really came out of nowhere and I fell in love with the ideas, and they turned out to be the strongest pieces in my campaign!

How was your experience at AI?

I loved going to AI. The teachers and staff are absolutely wonderful and really love to help out the students and really want to see them succeed in everything they do. It's hard to really find that in teachers, but most of them I've met at AI are that wonderful and caring and really know their stuff and can and will answer any question you have for them. The students are also great... you could start up a conversation with a complete stranger in the elevator, and you can't really find that at any other school, which made my experience very nice and made me feel right at home.


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