Commanding a new Presence

The Graphic Design Club otherwise known as COMMAND P will be changing their meetings to Wednesdays @ noon in 244. The change came after multiple requests to move the day. With expressed interest from the those involved with SIGGRAPH, Command P keeps you in mind as the meets get rescheduled. Hopefully the change will be welcomed and progressive. 

In related news, Command P is well on its way with their own special forum. If you want to know anything about the club, the various goings on, and what's awesome right here and now in "the industry" peep them out @ 

Some of the "inforumers" include the Kings, Erin Radler (the student affairs Graphic Designer), advertising students such as myself, and many other promising designers. 

Here is a place to post work, get critiqued, and see what kind of competition you are open to. This is  the place I like to go to find out what's up. Command P is also trying to get involved in AIGA Student Chapter, a membership that stands to benefit all designers in many ways. With the upcoming meets, the club will be exploring these avenues and having a good time doing it. JOIN THE TEAM 


eradler said...

If this were facebook, i would "like" this! I like it anyways, but you know... :)


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