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Emanuel Trevino

Current student at the Art Institute of Phoenix majoring in Graphic Design.

How far along are you from graduating AIPX? EMANUEL TREVINO: I’m technically in my 7th quarter but may be in my 9th quarter or sumtin with my transfer credits from El Paso Community College.

How is your experience at AIPX so far? EMANUEL TREVINO: I have really liked it. It was a culture shock at first, but as I got to meet people it became an enjoyable experience for me.

What classes have you enjoyed the most so far? EMANUEL TREVINO: I love everything that has to do layouts and the use of color. So, mostly publication stuff.

What would you recommend for the new upcoming students? EMANUEL TREVINO: Don’t procrastinate! It’s so easy in this type of environment but it’s something you should try to avoid at all times.

What are you working on right now? EMANUEL TREVINO: A magazine, a website, a couple of logos, and organizing an art show with Jehan in El Paso. My magazine consists of street art which I’m starting to pick up again.

What’s next? EMANUEL TREVINO: After graduation I would love to work for a music blog, or anything music related preferably indie music, although I’m open to anything because I love all types of music.

Are you planning on staying in Phoenix after graduation? EMANUEL TREVINO: If I find a good job here, then I’d stay but I’ll really just go anywhere depending on the job opportunities.

You can view Emanuel's art work displayed throughout AIPX
Emanuel's MySpace


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