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Allow me to reintroduce myself, I am Michelle and this is the start of the Dealy Vlog. For those of you who 
don't know what exactly a "vlog" is, it's a video log. I really wanted to start doing this due to the current trend and the fact that my good friend/fellow Dealy writer Josh is constantly entertaining us with his hiking updates.After seeing his take on "Phoenix Design" I felt it best for the Dealy to get in on the action. We are going 
to be at portfolio this quarter with our own Dealy booth, showcasing all that Ai has to offer. This will 
enable the world to see first hand as we update the Dealy with live video feeds. We are now on Youtube, so 
if the mood strikes our awesome Dealy Dozen can vlog as well. 

With that said here is our first Dealy vlog, subject: Direct Mail

(there is a tiny audio hick-up, just fyi)
So as advertisers we look to direct mail as an ad solution. Featured in this vlog is Ai Phoenix's direct mail 
campaign for their new photography major. While I do know how direct mail works, I would like to know the 
selection process being that my roommate didn't receive a piece and I did. So PLEASE give us feedback. 
Let us know if you got one and we can try and understand the targeting process better. I will be speaking to 
Ted, our marketing/PR guy at Ai to see if he can shed some light on it.

Pure fruit for thought


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Love this idea!

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