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For those of you who aren't familiar with the Art Institute of Phoenix's proudest tradition, Portfolio Review, we here at the Dealy News, have covered it at length to really give our readers an idea.

Common Questions:

Q: What is Portfolio Review?
A: Portfolio Review is showcase for graduates to display their work for the public to see. From flat-books to demo reels, the student portfolio is the focal point of this event. The graduates have display boards, computers, TV's and anything else they need to show off their finished body of work. The idea is to celebrate all their accomplishments and open their horizons to potential employers who use this as forum to find new employees. Not only can they display their work, but they can also pass out their business cards and resumes to anyone who wants one. It is the perfect way to their name out.

Q:Who gets to participate?
A: The participants are the current graduates of AiPX. This is their time to shine. The usual crowd that attends are employers, staff, faculty, current students, other graduates, family, friends, and any interested passer by who wants to see what the Art Institute grads have to offer.

Q: What steps are taken in order be eligible for portfolio review?
A: Each major has to go through their own version of what we call Grad Jury. Each student is brought in front of a panel of employers and faculty that judge their senior projects as well as their portfolios in order to determine whether or not they are fully prepared for the showcase.

I had the pleasure of attending the Advertising Grad Jury, in which Elena Lozano and Lindsey Klies who had to present their senior projects which were a campaign for Binge Drinking awareness. Both did a phenomenal job with their unique delivery style and poise. They showed of their Advertising talents and proved to everyone, including themselves that they were prepared for the world.

Q: What are the benefits for the graduates who participate in Portfolio Review?
A: The best part is the number of employers that come in to see the graduates' work. They get to talk face to face with their potential job holders as well as let them witness at that they have to offer.

There is a little insight into portfolio. We will be posting videos of the whole thing with interviews from the students, employers and faculty. Stay tuned. It's coming to you SOON.


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