Thinking Outside the Box

Josh Reach is one of my favorite designers at Ai. His designs are always so refreshing, innovative and elegant. So when it comes to package design of course Josh spares no expense what so ever. His solution for Tamire Coffee is colorful, insightful, right on the money. The dye-cut tab at the top adds just the right amount of flare without taking away from the logo which incorporates the same red leaf. The yellows and reds give it a nice international appeal.

From an advertising standpoint, we constantly think about shelf space. Package design is all about being seen amoungst the millions of other products. I know that if Tamire Coffee was on the market right now, I would definately buy. Josh also created a website for this product, showing off the theme of "knowing your farmer". Every aspect of it is exotic and coffee-centric.

Josh, you are an Ad dream and a wonderful designer. Keep up the great work!


eradler said...

loovee it! ;)

John Cherm said...

Thats my roomate!

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo proud of you !!! Love, Mom :)

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