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Alison King will be hosting a CCS workshop this following Saturday. Here's the scoop:

"Demystifying Dreamweaver CS4 and Cascading Stylesheets
with Instructor Alison King

Saturday May 16th
10 to 2 
Room 350

~ Baffled by the CS4 upgrade in Dreamweaver? 
~ Totally clueless about CSS? 
~ Feeling the pressure to board the CSS Express along with the rest of the industry?

Learn how Dreamweaver CS4 treats Cascading
Stylesheets differently than CS3, and how
to convert to "table-less" layouts with ease!

~Review of basic CSS syntax: selectors, properties and values
~The Box Model of creating layouts using DIVs
~Table-less layouts through proper DIV positioning
~How DIVS will affect your design workflow and slicing methods
~Choosing between External and Internal stylesheets

Familiarity with HTML, Dreamweaver, and Stylesheet basics is required. 
Highly recommended for recent alumni needing a CSS refresher 
and current students who learned web publishing on Dreamweaver CS3.

Limited to 16 students and alumni of The Art Institute of Phoenix
RSVP to gcull@aii.edu

If you are at all interesting in going please make contact now. This is an awesome learning experience for everyone involved. Web 2.0 has taken design to a whole new level and set the learning curve that much higher. Go if you can, it will make all the difference. 


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Alison is AWESOME!

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