Lindsey Klies- Advertising

What do you plan on doing after graduation: I'm going to stay in Phoenix for a little bit after I graduate in order to gain experience and credibility. In the near future I will be looking for jobs in Los Angeles, San Diego and/or Austin. I'm interested in band/artist promotion/marketing, copywriting and event coordinating.

How does it feel like to be so close to graduation:
Really exciting, I'm ready to graduate! =)

What did you think about your experience at AI?
I enjoyed learning from my professors who encouraged creativity and integrity. I greatly appreciate the helpful advice and recommendations throughout my stay at AI. I also enjoyed the rich diversity of people and culture at The Art Institute of Phoenix. I've made some amazing friendships at this school, without the encouragement of my friends I don't know where I would be...

Recommendations to those graduating in a few quarters:
Try not to stress, really. Breathe. Remember that you will be DONE with school soon and appreciate the moment because before you know it, you will be working for the rest of your life. Enjoy. Don't take anything for granted, don't forget to network and have fun. =)

"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens." - Jimi Hendrix ♥


SupSophia said...

Oh Lindz, I'm so excited for you! Congrats:]

Lindsey said...

Thanks Sophia! =)

Dustin said...

Is that Ms. Lindsey??

brittni said...

i think dustin is right, it IS miss lindsey!! we found you!well actually dustin did but still!! hi lindsey!! its been a long time i just wanted to say hi and see how you are doing. i talked to your mom on facebook a little while back. she filled me in on what you are doing. im so excited for you!! i hope all is well in austin!!

brittni g. :)

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