Nerd Alert! Round 2

Hello again Spencer’s back for another “Nerd Alert!”
So we all here are part of the design community whether that being graphic design advertising or what not. We know that one thing we need to do is be current and “down” with the times. One being the social networking sites, because honestly I believe that’s where the world is going. Whether it’s your Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other blog/social media out there. I love myself some Twitter and I find myself tweeting a lot (it’s so addicting), I love how I can post my status on both Facebook and Myspace from one central place and I can also follow my favorite Celebs/Blogs/News and get that info in one place. It’s just so great! For my entire Apple everything fans, the iPhone is definitely in my bias opinion is the greatest phone anyone can get! Now as far as Twitter with your iPhone, I’ve tried TwitterFon (free) Tweetie ($2.99) I like Tweetie a lot very simple to use they have a Mac app too, but I am not here today about that I’m here with my new discovery from Goose Apps

it’s called Lounge


Lounge's Springboard Icon

it’s only $1.99 and it does everything the others do, I think it does better though. But, what I really want to talk about is for my Apple Computer friends, is Lounge for the OS X. I have to say this is one of the most useful apps for my Mac and it just makes tweeting so much fun, instead of having to have my browser up and having to click refresh all the time, Lounge auto updates how ever many minutes you want 5,10,15,20 it goes on pick your own. Also if you run Adium and you downloaded Growl with it then every time somebody tweets it will display a little message on screen to show you! I love how well this works and it’s only the Beta. Check it out you can tweet is style now! Follow me, Spencer Ordonez and the Dealy News on Twitter!


MReyes said...

I have Adium thanks to Tiberius. It's really changed the way I iChat and a lot of other things. Social networking is all web 2.0 these days. Way to get with the times Spence!

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