ASU Graphic Design Student - Nathan Finden

What inspired you to pursue an education in Graphic Design?
I discovered, while pursuing my master’s degree, that I had a passion for graphic design. I was working on small design projects at my current job and also taking art classes at MCC for fun. Once I discovered my passion the decision to change paths was pretty simple.

How long have you been a student at ASU? How is the graphic design program at ASU? Why did you choose to go to ASU instead of a design school like the Art Institute of Phoenix?
I’ve been at ASU for two years. The design program is very competitive to earn a spot in the upper division. The program as a whole is routinely placed in the top graphic design programs in the country and I believe this to be true based on the level of expectations. I chose initially to go to ASU because of my employer’s tuition reimbursement program and I’ve been very happy with my decision.

When do you graduate? What do you plan to do when you graduate?
I plan on graduating in 2011 and hopefully will move overseas. I would like to work as an in-house designer for an environmentally based organization or a museum.

Tell me about working for the City of Phoenix, how long have you been working there? What exactly do you do? What advice, inside tips or rules of thumb would you give to a design student wanting to work for the City?
I’ve worked for the City of Phoenix for four years. I started out in the field as a park ranger and transitioned in to more office duties. I gradually moved towards creating more and more design work, and this is primarily what I do now. Designing for the City is almost always a design-by-committee situation. At the same time, there is also great creative freedom, as long as it’s conservative.

Is there any particular artist or designer that you are really inspires you or that you take interest in, right now?
I’ve always been inspired by Milton Glaser, but recently I’ve been going over Ray Gun’s work.

What is the most challenging job, client, or anything design related you have endured or overcome?
Early on I took on the job of designing our program guide. It was personally challenging because it was my first major publication and it was the first time I was working with a large printing company.

If you could be apart of a campaign that would change the world….what would it be?
Ensuring human rights for everyone, especially those living in developing countries.

Any upcoming events or workshops other designers should be aware of?
The local chapter of AIGA is really good about putting on events, and there’s even a student discount.


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