Illustrator: More than Just a Program

I have noticed amongst various designers that a few are extremely exceptional. With any discipline, to be truly extraordinary means to be multi-talented. Some of our graphic designers are amazing illustrators and some of our animation students are really good graphic designers. I think that it has a lot to do with character design and a certain creativity that goes with it that allows for this kind of affluence. 

I first noticed this with my own older brother Joseph Reyes, who has his BA in Graphic Design. He has been drawing since he could hold a pencil and originally wanted to be an animation student. Once he transferred his work from paper to the computer canvas he realized that he was better suited for design. Here is some of his work: 

His urban style of drawing translated well into the direction that most design is going in today

Conceptual character design really comes in handy with creating unique logos. 

My brother isn't the only one what so ever. When it comes to the Art Institute there are two people in particular that come to mind in the transference from animation to design. 

She actually has her Associates degree in Animation. She is very skilled in fine arts and is getting her BA in Graphic Design at Ai. Her sketches and comps are far better than what some can do on the computer. When it comes to concepts her skills come in great use. For Branding we were told to create a fictitious airline. Tracy was able to draw the insides of the plane, the uniforms and a formal floor plan, something the other teams could not produce. She has also incorporated it in her magazine layouts, package design, and web. I will let her work speak for itself: 

Timothy Thomas

Tim is another amazing animator and a member of Command P as well as SIGGRAPH. This name should sound familiar to those of you who followed our Game Jam report. As an Animation student Tim has become an asset to those of us who cannot draw. Much of his work adorns the walls of Ai. I took notice of his talents when I saw the SIGGRAPH poster hanging on the club wall. His ability to come up with a vast number of characters in so many different styles increases his worth as a designer. Moving into VisFX he will be able to truly take advantage of all of his skills. Here is some of the work he has done for Studio 303 (another organization at school) mixed with my design and ad concepts. 

(colored by fellow animation student Marithis Davis)

(bookmarks as leave-behinds for the club)

So food for thought: Bone up on your drawing or befriend someone who can because with design becoming more and more edgy you will need to be extra sharp. 


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