KFC's latest Marketing Move:Fixing Pot Holes

FYI-Speaking of KFC, (in my last post) they are also setting new ground with their latest marketing move!

KFC is becoming the first fast-food giant to get into the pothole-fixing advertising world. In five major U.S. cities, a man dressed up as Colonel Sanders, and a more pothole-knowledgeable professional crew, will fix up the streets, but not without leaving a mark. "Re-Freshed by KFC" will be printed over the late hole in an eye-catching, but non-permanent, street chalk.
According to KFC, there's an estimated 350 million potholes on U.S. roads. And think of how many times you choke on fried chicken when driving over them! The city is happy, the people driving by subconsciously swerve to the nearest KFC, and a man in white wearing a head-protecting construction worker helmet stands in the middle of street. This seems like a very promising move. [via AdFreak]

For more info here is a link to their site

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