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Know What:
There are so many options available for designers these days. We can foray into the world layouts, web design, television graphics, really the list is endless. With that said, no one ever includes video games on their graphic to-do lists. One of our most distinguished Game Art teachers, Thomas Di Cosola, started his career as a graphic designer. I know what most of you are thinking, "that's not my major!", but what I'm here to tell you is, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE IN GAD TO BE INVOLVED. 

There are little known things called User Interfaces or UI's for short. This is where graphic designers really get to shine. From creating life bars to gun selections, designers really get to show off their skills in a unique way. One of my favorite games of all time is "Little Big Planet" for the PS3. The whole game is based off of the idea creating your own world based off of your idea of design. The UI is completely user oriented (meaning you get to pick EVERYTHING) and absolutely beautiful. 

the little characters you get can range from picking what they look like to picking what the envirnments look like. My favorite part is what they call "stickers" you can stick them on anything even yourself. This reminds me of the urban street art trend of stickers over tagging. It's OBEY meets 3-D video games. 

We can also stick to our comfort zone with: cover-art and logos. Not only do I love the game "Resistance 2", but I love the design of the game logo and the cover art. The logo plays with type and ties the location of the game into its name: 

The cover art doesn't fall short of this display of design talent either. 

Game Jam:
Our very own Command P peeps got involved with Game Jam this quarter. For those of you who don't know what Game Jam is, the GAD students of SGDA get together every quarter for one weekend and spend all of their time creating their own games. This involves teams and stiff competition. At the end of the weekend, the entries are judged and the winners announced. 

This year the Kings, Erin Radler, Tim Thomas, and Donny Mitchell got involved and put their best design foot forward. Take a look at what they accomplished. 

Tim's Team (Sorry IDK why the colors inverted)

Senior Team:

SGDA welcomes any graphic designer who wants to get involved to participate next quarter. It may be a small world, but there are infinite possibilities in it. 


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