Nerd Alert! Round 1

Hello everyone I am please to be one of the new Dealy Dozen! My name is Spencer and I am a huge Tech Geek! Especially when it pertains to the Graphic Design/ Advertising world. I have stumbled upon a very cool a unique graphic design artist out there his name is Adam Betts. Look at what he has created!

I have already changed my icons to these they are just simply beautiful. Adam has the whole master collection created and he also has other things. For instructions on how to install them on a Mac go here. I use a program called CandyBar, check it out and then decide on your pick of poison. For my Adobe fan boys and girls out there here something else enjoy!

"Simply Beautiful!"


Cherm said...

I REALLY like this, Inspiring.

MReyes said...

this is sick! I love changing my icons! My adobe ones are the only ones that are the same thanx for the info

jhreach said...

So changing my icons now! awesome!

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