Wear's your design?

So i got a strategic link on Facebook seeing as how the cookies they "plant" have everything to do with what's in your profile. 

This one had to do with a T-shirt design company that lets you submit your own designs and they print and sell them for you. Some of the designs are really sick. This magic place is called Threadless - It's pretty much a designers playground with all kinds of merch options. From wall graphics to tees you can do whatever you want. They have their own blog and they are on twitter. Check out their stuff:

They range from graphic tees 

this one done by Draco (who's an amazing artist all his own)

They also carry clever text tees

I don't know about you guys, but I love stuff like this and the opportunity to be part of the threadless community is pretty sweet. 


matthew king said...

yo threadless is from the good folks at skinnycorp which also runs yayhooray.com - the best site on the internet. well, at least it used to be. Anyhow it's a pretty righteous community of artists/designers/illustrators/photographers/etc. If you took my Graphic Symbolism class, all of the illustrations I kept showing all quarter were mostly from Yay. It's a great place to get feedback on your work if you have the guts to withstand the jerks over there. One problem: you have to be invited into the community. Solution: I have invites

Email me if you want in :)

Alan said...
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MReyes said...

That sounds awesome

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