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For the past couple weeks I have slowly been learning the wonderful program called illustrator. I have been using online tutorials along with help from a couple friends *cough* Josh... Michelle *cough* to better myself and my understanding of the program itself. After doing a few vectors I decided to look for "motivation". I came across a website dedicated to Graphic Design contests.

They have only had 4 contests that are open for anyone to do so far which leads me to believe that this is a fairly new website. I would look around more for a launch date but it's 6:30 a.m. and pancakes await!

If you want to get paid for you designs, you can apply to be on "the team". This allows you to participate in the professional contests, and winning those get you cash in the pocket.

In order to be a team member, you must...
  1. Be at least 18 years old at the time of application
  2. Have an online design portfolio for us to review
  3. Be a registered forum user for at least 7 days
  4. Have a minimum of 10 recent forum posts
  5. Be able to receive PayPal payments

I hope that everyone gets involved in this. I think it will help better you in your field regardless of how good you think you already are. And if you think that nobody is better than you, prove it :)


MReyes said...

thanx bunches this is really helpful!

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