Phoenix Design Week 2009

During one of my thousands of Facebook check-ups today, I stumbled across a facebook group for the Phoenix Design Week. Clicking on it I discovered this wasn't just something that a random person created for the fun of just having a group (ex: Smiling Happy Sunshine Group). The Phoenix Design Week is something very real and very exciting. Though I'm still learning more about it myself, I couldn't wait to share on the Dealy.

The Phoenix Design Week is basically a huge design event that's going to take place downtown along the light rail. Exhibitions from designers across the city will be displayed to promote the massive creative community we have in Phoenix.
You may be thinking, “What 'massive' design community?” Well, that's the point of the Phoenix Design Week; to bring the design community of Phoenix to the top of the design world!

There's a lot of talent, creativity and passion in this 5th largest U.S. city, but it's been swallowed by the rapid growth of the housing and corporate boom. The Phoenix Design Week is going to help start a change of all of that, and bring Phoenix back up to the top with cities like New York.
This isn't something that's going to create itself. We need everyone to help pitch in.

I encourage everyone to sign up for email updates and check out the website:

Also read the Open Letter to the Phoenix Design Community by Mark Dudlik.
If that doesn't get you pumped to get active in the design community, then I don't know what will.

Phoenix has such potential, it just needs to be brought back to the top.

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MReyes said...

Sweet! I know the Dealy is part of said facebook group. I'm happy that you posted this so soon because I was gong to as well. I'm looking forward to seeing our little community flourish

jhreach said...

I'm hoping our little community will take over the 3.5 million people that live in the valley :) Phoenix is such a great place to live, and it's future is bright! Even in design!

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